Commissioned Artworks

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Jill’s commissions are created for both public and personal locations.

Jill’s commissions for public sites include businesses like major shopping centers, office complexes, restaurants; as well as civic sites like libraries, hospitals, transportation centers, civic office buildings, civic thoroughfares and plazas. These projects primarily employ stainless steel and other metals, plexiglass and similar materials.

Welcome Friends Repainted - by Jill Casty Art

Country Club Plaza Centerwide Program - 2 Sacramento, CA. by Jill Casty Art
One of a series of mobiles created for Country Club Plaza. Sacramento, CA

Her commissioned works for homes, condominiums and individual offices, whether wall hanging or free standing, consist of ensembles of fused glass and metals, or glass alone.

In all their variations and approaches, they prefigure the use of bold colors and color combinations, the rhythmic flow of shapes and patterns, the joyful impact of her current work in fused glass.

commissioned art works Jill Casty Art
Aerial Art in the Main Hall of the Supermall of the Great Northwest, Auburn, WA
Ascension 50" w x 32" h x 4" d by Jill Casty Art
Ascension 50″ w x 32″ h x 4″ d – Private Home, Monteville, NJ
Abstraction in Three 40" w x 31" h x 5" d- by Jill Casty Art
Abstraction in Three 40″ w x 31″ h x 5″ d – Private Home, Cayman Islands
Dancing Lines 71" w x 52" h x 5" d By Jill Casty Art
Dancing Lines 71″ w x 52″ h x 5″ d – Private Home, Aptos, CA
On the Tecolote Shore 24" w x 21" h x 11" d By Jill Casty Art
On the Tecolote Shore 24″ w x 21″ h x 11″ d – Guaycura Hotel, Todos Santos, BCS Mexico