New Works

jill quote forms of joy

Here are some examples of new explorations I’m pursuing: A wall sculpture with elements that can mysteriously be seen as both exploding and coming together as in the beginning of a new day. And the beginnings of a series of stand-alone glass forms with delicious jewel-like transparent backgrounds and images from the natural world.

Abstraction in Orange 15" w x 14" h x 3" d by Jill Casty Art
Abstraction in Orange 15″ w x 14″ h x 3″ d
The Day Awakens Wall Sc. 25.5" w x 24"h x 2.5"d by Jill Casty Art
The Day Awakens Wall Sc. 25.5″ w x 24″h x 2.5″d
Ghost Trees in Fall 15"w x 12"h x 3"d by Jill Casty Art
Ghost Trees in Fall 15″w x 12″h x 3″d
In My Day Lily Garden 15.5 wide x 12 high x 2 deep by Jill Casty Art
In My Day Lily Garden 15.5″ w x 12″ h x 2″ d
Summer Song 15"w x 12"h x 2"d by Jill Casty Art
Summer Song 15″w x 12″h x 2″d