Wall Sculptures

   Series 1
   Series 2

Standing Sculptures

“In my first weeks in Tuscany—immersed in the
rolling hills of shifting shades of green, the bright fields of red poppies, especially the endless sweeping red of the poppies—I felt that my work had a new energy, intensity, a drama of rhythm and form, of bold color.”

Color—layered and textured, full of light and energy,
rhythmic in shape and form—is Jill’s guiding force and
passion. It may be fully abstract as expressions
of feelings and responses, or pure form itself—
as in “The Sound of Color.” Or it may be
shaped as abstracted impressions of
the beauties and wonders of the
natural world.
     Always, the vibrant color
reflects more than the light that
transforms it. It reflects Jill’s deep
conviction and passionate feeling
that art can still provide a beauty
that can be a light, bright and
affirming, of the spirit of life.
     In this, Henri Matisse is her
guiding spirit, as she is inspired
by his quest to see “…how to make
my colors sing.” For everyone knows,
he wrote, that “Good color sings.
It is melodious, aroma-like, never
over-baked…, can inspire ideas of joy,
of riches, of glory and love.”