Standing Sculptures


Wall Sculptures

“In the Baja, there is this intense, almost piercing, eye-opening light. It is as if my glass and this light were made for each other.””

Jill has responded deeply, even intuitively, to the
dramatic, strange beauties of nature in the Baja,
the shifting blues of the sky and waters, in
bays, sea and ocean, sudden colors in the
midst of stark deserts, the mysterious
hard beauty of the bold, bald hills and
mountains. And all of it given such a
clarity, an intensity, by the light.
     Somehow, she feels, even the
sunsets seem closer, not only so
dramatic over the hills, deserts,
water, but more personal.
     Indicative of the affinity her
work has with the colors and vistas
and the moods of the natural life of
Baja California Sur are works like the
standing sculpture, “Reflections on
Tecolote,” capturing the abstracted
essence of the shifting, merging colors
of land, sea, sky during a late afternoon
at the beach.