Standing Sculptures

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Wall Sculptures

“For me, she is still a mystery. She is both a siren of the sea, a joyous free spirit, and a mother of the earth, a bearer of sweetness and life.”

“La Donna Splendente” was created for an exhibition called “Polena Proibita” that traveled
to maritime festivals in the “Ancient Maritime Republics” of Italy—Venice, Genova, Pisa, and Amalfi—and to seaport cities in France and
Spain. The exhibition celebrated the art of the Polena, the female forms, traditionally nude,
on the prows of the great sailing ships of yore.
     Jill’s transformation brings the traditional
form into the free rhythms and abstract style
of modern art and the strengths of the
materials of the modern world. The brilliantly
colored glass shapes of her La Donna
rise boldly, poised and strong, on a broad
band of burnished aluminum, curling,
uncoiling upward. Whether a sea spirit,
rising on the surge of the sea, or an earth
mother, she embodies the power and
spirit of woman, yet also, Jill avers, of
     This “La Donna Splendente,” preserves
the strength and beauty of the Polene of
the sailing ships. But she is now shining
bright and independent, flowing unfettered
and unchained. Still a part of the solid world
of earth and sea, she is something more,
something beyond. She is Herself—reaching
to touch in her own proud grace the shining,
life-giving power of the sun.