Public Art

   Series 1, Monumental Sculptures
   Series 2, Mobiles
   Series 3, Aerial Art


“I wanted to bring into these public places a moment of grace for the visitors to the sites, beyond the daily routines of business or official activities.”

Jill’s commissions for public sites included businesses like
major shopping centers, office complexes, restaurants;
as well as civic sites like libraries, hospitals, transportation
centers, civic office buildings, civic thoroughfares and plazas.
     A major category of her commissions comprised
monumental sculptures that capture and define the identities
of the entities and region, as in the 18-foot painted steel
sculpture “Welcome Friends” for the city of Whittier, CA,
which projects a light-hearted abstract
impression of the wealth of trees, bushes,
and flowers that the city is known for.
Another type comprised mobiles in the
geometric manner of Alexander Calder,
used singly or in groups;
A third type focused on multiple
ensembles, often on a very large
scale, of other forms of aerial
art, such as her innovative
forms of “banners” in a variety
of materials, shapes, and
     In all their variations and
approaches, they prefigure
the use of bold colors and color
combinations, the rhythmic flow
of shapes and patterns, the joyful
impact of her current work in fused glass.